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PlayPark ID is now known as Play ID

03 Nov 11


Gamers can expect more fun and goodies on PlayPark and take a tour of the revamped website with its new virtual ambassadors – Piper and Potter!

3 November 2011, Singapore and Malaysia – Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) today announces the re-branding of PlayPark ID to Play ID. PlayPark ID will now be known as Play ID, a game account that allows gamers to play all new games published by Asiasoft on a single platform with other gamers in the Southeast Asian region.

Existing gamers holding onto a PlayPark ID will be pleased to know that re-registration will not be required as they can use their current game account as their Play ID, and can also look forward to the host of perks and fun that will be coming their way.

All new games published by Asiasoft, with Alliance of Valiant Arms (“A.V.A.”) being the most recent new game, will be launched with the Play ID registration, which means gamers who want to play these new Asiasoft titles will be required to login with their Play ID. Gamers can visit to register for a free, new Play ID if they have not done so before.

The same ID also allows gamers to access PlayPark forums for games such as Audition, RayCity and the upcoming channelling title, Unchartered Waters Online!

As for current Asiasoft legacy titles under the Asiasoft passport ID, such as MapleStory, CABAL Online, XW Online, GetAmped, SG Online and AIKASEA, the game accounts will remain tied to the Asiasoft Passport ID, so gamers can still log in to these older games with the same account information, as there will be no changes with the rebranding.

New gamers who are visiting for the first time may find the experience a little overwhelming, bu they do not have to fear, for is also introducing their new virtual ambassadors, Piper and Potter to guide new and current gamers. With a more personal touch, new gamers could count on piper and Potter to explain the intricacies of the different game IDs and find their way around.

These virtual ambassadors not only guide gamers with their way around the world of, they will also be the hosts to the many mini games and contests held on daily, doling out rewards and prizes for these games and contest. Therefore, the Play ID is not just another game login ID, but it is also the key to a world of goodies that will be arriving at website!

“We are pleased to announce that PlayPark ID is now known as Play ID, a game login that not only allows gamers to play new games with other gamers within the region, it is also the portal to rewards and prizes on a daily basis through the mini games and contests on the same platform,” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “We hope that gamers would be able to bond, build a strong and cohesive gaming community, expand their own social network and have fun at the same time on PlayPark!”

Meet Piper and Potter today at website and do check out the latest game updates and contests!