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Sail the High Seas of Unchartered Waters Online with @Global Games

16 Nov 11


@Global Games presents the latest MMORPG for the adventure seeking gamers of today.

16 November 2011, Singapore and Malaysia – Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) announces the launch of Unchartered Waters Online (“UWO”), a strategic nautical MMORPG channeled by Asiasoft’s leading game platform, @Global Games.

UWO is a free-to-play nautical game developed by Tecmo Koei, a historical Japanese game developer. Players set sail during the age of exploration as a romantic and fictional account of the era. Since 1991’s original Uncharted Waters game, the series has been well-loved by a wide range of players, and the online PC version of the service has went on for the past six years in multiple languages globally.

Players can sail in a limitless world on the high seas, visiting the many islands and nations and perhaps try to conquer them. The world is their playground as they set out to conquer neutral cities, build their own nation or even expand their power and influence through battling other ships on the seas in a majestic 100 vs 100 Player versus Player (“PvP”) fight, using their cities as prized stakes for the strongest fleet. Find out more about UWO at

Since its global launch on October 2010, CJ E&M’s game platform Netmarble has hosted UWO on its global server. However, regional restrictions and connection issues have limited the game’s growth. With this new partnership with Asiasoft, Singapore and Malaysia players will get a reliable server connection as well as a shot at exclusive events and contests. More importantly, the overall increase to the user pool will bolster everyone’s gameplay experience.

To celebrate UWO grand launch, @Global Games has prepared exciting events for newbie sailors. Simply create an UWO game account and receive exclusive Novice Sailor’s Items. From 16th November 2011 to 14th December 2011, a 2X EXP Boost will be applied to players under Level 30 for all three job types. Once players reach Level 80, they will be awarded with free in-game items. Check out the items on the website (

Local players also can participate in a massive celebration for the official launch of UWO at the upcoming Asiasoft All Star Battle 2011 event on 19th November 2011, at Far East Plaza Level 1 atrium. There will be lots of fun activities and goodies and it will also provide a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow UWO players and witness this celebrated occasion.

“We’re pleased to launch Unchartered Waters Online as the latest channeling game on @Global Games platform. It is a very unique game where players get to live an adventure in an era with rich history,” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “We also look forward to celebrate this delightful occasion with our players at the Asiasoft All Star battle and believe that it provides a great opportunity for players of UWO to meet and interact, and perhaps form their own mini alliances or two at the event.”

Visit to download the latest client for Unchartered Waters Online, as well as the latest event details for its official launch at the Asiasoft All Star Battle 2011.