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Asiasoft Launches Yulgang Online In Singapore and Malaysia

- Close Beta Testing for the most popular martial arts MMORPG starts today -


Singapore, 25th June 2009 – Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”), the online entertainment leader in Southeast Asia, today announces the start of Close Beta Testing (“CBT”) for YulgangSEA (http://www.YulgangSEA.com), the localised version of the most popular martial arts Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”) Yulgang Online. The game is based on the best selling Korean comic series, “Yul Hyul Gang Ho” (热血江湖), which has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.

Gamers can now register for YulgangSEA game accounts via their Asiasoft Passports at http://passport.asiasoft.net/. The game client is also readily available for download at the official YulgangSEA website.

Several in-game activities will be running during the CBT phase, one of which is the “Save My Name & Get 10,000 Yulgang Cash!” event. Just for reaching level 20, players will get the chance to reserve their in-game nicknames and receive free Yulgang Cash for use in Open Beta Testing (“OBT”), commencing on 2nd July 2009.

Game Masters in YulgangSEA will be named after the comic’s hero and heroine, as well as other legendary martial arts characters, so don’t be too surprised to see a GMYangGuo or a GMXiaoLongNu running around inside the game! Players will be able to interact with these “legends” through a variety of in-game events, guild battles, PvP sessions and much more!

“Yulgang Online is a worldwide hit with over 100 million players worldwide and is the crown jewel in our stable of games in Thailand,” says Mr Ng Kok Khwang, Marketing Director of Asiasoft Online. “The game has an amazing legacy, based on its well-known comic series that has already spanned over 40 books. We are pleased to bring Yulgang Online to gamers here in Singapore and Malaysia and are confident of the game’s success in this region!”

Yulgang Online boasts adorable manga-style characters, brilliantly stunning skill effects and fascinating game features which are constantly updated to provide a refreshing gameplay experience for the gaming community. For more information, please log on to http://www.YulgangSEA.com.

About Yulgang Online
Yulgang Online (http://www.YulgangSEA.com) is a free-to-play 3D marital arts Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”) based on the best selling Korean comic series, “Yul Hyul Gang Ho” (热血江湖).

With adorable manga-style characters, riveting in-game quests and a mystical world to explore, Yulgang Online has captivated over 100 million players worldwide since its launch in 2005.

Yulgang Online is developed by KRG SOFT and MGAME Corporation in Korea. It is published in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand by Asiasoft Group of Publishers.

About Asiasoft Online
Asiasoft Online publishes Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (“MMOGs”) in Singapore and Malaysia. Incorporated in 2004, Asiasoft Online assists game developers to tap onto the growth potential of the South-East Asia region.

Asiasoft Online publishes “MapleStory”, “Audition”, “GetAmped”, “CABAL Online”, “Rappelz”, “Sudden Attack” and “Yulgang Online”. Asiasoft Online is also the Official Distributor for Blizzard Entertainment’s record breaking title “World of Warcraft”.

Asiasoft Online is part of the Asiasoft group of publishing companies with a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam serving over 18 million registered gamers.

Committed to developing the regional online gaming community, Asiasoft Online works with content developers and industry partners to entertain and engage casual gamers and netizens. Content localization, marketing and game service management are deployed by specialized and dedicated professionals, for game developers, in an integrated services platform.

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