@Cafe offers great benefits for internet service providers who are also our members.In addition to bringing all of Asiasoft’s online games to Internet cafe gamers.

We also have the IP Bonus system that offers additional benefits exclusively to @Cafe member shops and their gamers.

The @Cafe system also provides exclusive promotional media and numerous marketing activities for our member shops.


A unique security device that increases the level of security for online game services. @Key users will recieve a new PIN every single time to log in to the game, a system that prevents the hacking of account IDs and passwords. In the face of aggressive hackers, @Key users will remain protected.


@Cash is the game credits refill system that enhances the fun and feature of our games. Payments can be made easily and conveniently through multiple channels in a highly secure environment.

@Cash is readily available across Southeast Asia at highly accessible locations through convenience stores, cybercafes, online and mobile.