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CabalSEA is a Free-to-Play MMORPG with numerous intriguing quests and exhilarating missions, weaved to form intricate plots that engage players and portray them as heroes. Intuitive and user friendly, CabalSEA removes entry barriers for first-time gamers and late starters.

With its exciting blend of adventure gameplay and arcade action, the visually stunning game serves up a wide offering of time-limited dungeons, blazing action scenes and perplexing in-game puzzles to keep players on the edge of their seats, wanting more!

    Unique Game Features:
  • A well-built battle/skill system with clear quest dynamics enabling players to become a hero.
  • Arcade like combo system to put your skills to the test!
  • The game will evolve and show-off spectacular battle moves in hi-definition 3D graphics in the gaming world.
  • Find fulfillment and delight after solving puzzles, tricks, traps and defeating tough bosses.
  • Choose two factions to swear allegiance to (Procyon or Capella) and immerse yourself in large scale nation wars EVERYDAY!
  • Unique ranking system to show the best players every week
  • Show your fighting prowess in epic guild wars and duels with other players!
  • Intuitive and user friendly, CABAL Online removes entry barriers for first-timers and late-starters of a MMORPG. 


Long ago the CABAL, a powerful group of idealistic men, used their powers to change the continent of Nevareth into a utopia.


But the laws of nature rebelled against them and laid the continent to waste. During the Apocalypse, almost every member of CABAL perished, leaving only seven of them and their leader, Faust.

Looking deep into future, Faust saw the rise of an evil that would once again bring the land of Nevareth to ruin. Now, almost a thousand years later, that evil has begun its domination of the continent as prophesied. It is up to you to face the waves of minions that have invaded Nevareth,and uncover the evil behind it.

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